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Scott Walker: Why I’m Not Lining Up for Stimulus Handouts –

February 28, 2009

Scott Walker: Why I’m Not Lining Up for Stimulus Handouts –

Scott Walker once again makes the case against the “stimulus” and does so with such common sense that I don’t see how anyone can honestly disagree with him. President Obama has signed a mortgage on our future and is wasting the loan proceeds on pet projects, only a few percent of the total is going for things that will actually improve the economy.

As someone who’s learned the hard way that a balanced budget is a necessity, not a luxury, I appreciate Scott’s steadfast stance against government waste. My entire life I’ve heard doom-and-gloom about the federal deficit and the national debt and now, at the time that we can least afford it, we have thrown all of our caution to the wind and are increasing both at record pace.

There is no difference more stark than that between Scott Walker and the likes of Obama and Doyle.


New Comments Settings – Let’s get some discussion around here!

February 25, 2009

It has been brought to my attention that the process to make a comment on a post here at Milwaukee County Comment was fairly arduous. That wasn’t my intention so I dug into the discussion settings and opened things up quite a bit. I hope that this will make it more inviting for those of you who visit to leave comments and have discussions.

I will be keeping my eyes on the comments to make sure there aren’t any abuses. Please keep things civil and always follow the golden rule! Inappropriate comments will be deleted and repeat offenders may be blocked from further comment postings.

Now, let’s get some lively debate around here! 😀

Scott Walker on UPFRONT with Mike Gousha

February 23, 2009

Click here to see the video.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker once again lays out the reasons behind his economic stimulus proposals. Tax cuts stimulate the economy by putting money into the hands of consumers and businesses while increasing taxes does the exact opposite.

I applaud Walker for sticking to his guns on this issue. He said before the “stimulus” bill was passed that we don’t need federal stimulus money, we need tax cuts. Now that it has passed he’s proposing that the money coming our way be used not to prop up failed government programs but that it instead be used in a way that really will stimulate the economy, tax cuts.

State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1 – JSOnline

February 21, 2009

State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1 – JSOnline.

Isn’t it convenient how the Journal/Sentinel waited until after this tax bill was signed to report on the new online sales tax? Doyle and the majority of the Democrats in the state legislature are ramming new taxes down our throats left and right and the local media is certainly not our friend in the fight to stop them.

Walker Wants County, State Sales Taxes Suspended -via Today’s TMJ4

February 16, 2009

Walker Wants County, State Sales Taxes Suspended | Today’s TMJ4.

Standing in stark contrast to Gov. Doyle’s desire to raise taxes to fill the gaping hole he’s helped create in the state budget is Scott Walker’s desire to promote real economic growth here in Milwaukee and throughout the state. The proposal to suspend the sales tax, both at the county and state level, would pump tens of millions of dollars through the economy that would otherwise be lost into the fiscal black hole of the government. Tax increases failed to prevent the budgetary problems we’re faced with now so we have no reason to believe that they’ll do anything at all to fix them. It’s time to change our strategy and try something new, something that actually stands a chance of success.