Weishan’s power grab threatens to upset months of negotiations between UWM & Milw. County

After months of negotiations between Milwaukee County and UWM a deal has finally been reached for the sale of a large parcel of the county grounds. UWM intends to build a $150 million engineering school which will work closely with the nearby county medical complex and serve as a center of biomedical engineering for the region.

The Business Journal has the whole story: UWM, county agree on land price – Site would house engineering school

This development will not only bring a state of the art engineering research facility to Milwaukee County but it’s construction will be a boost to the local economy at a time when such boosts are sorely needed. The agreement that has been reached allows for a flexible sale price depending on what the actual developed square footage eventually turns out to be, the more success that UWM has the more money Milwaukee County gets.

Sounds great, huh? Not if Supervisor Weishan has his way. Weishan is putting up a stink and apparently attempting to stop the County Board from voting on the plan. He’s upset that the county will lose control of the land and that the existing research park may face competition from the new engineering school. See Milwaukee Rising for the details.

While disappointing this behavior is certainly not surprising coming from Weishan. His obstruction of progress and reform in Milwaukee County government is surpassed only by his rigid adherence to the status quo. He’s determined to be a thorn in County Executive Scott Walker’s side and is no doubt feeling threatened by what will be seen as a victory for the county and for UWM in this deal brokered by Walker’s office.

Please contact Supervisor Weishan and express your support for this land sale to UWM. His phone number is 414-278-4222 and his email address is john.weishan@milwcnty.com.
You should also contact your own Supervisor, if you’re not sure who that is you can look them up here.


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One Response to “Weishan’s power grab threatens to upset months of negotiations between UWM & Milw. County”

  1. margaret bohm Says:

    Matt, I totally disagree with you. Mr. Weishan is not an obstructionist; he is listening to Miwaukee county residents who have valid concerns about the aspects of this sale. It appears that most of the supervisors who voted for this did not do their homework, and voted to sell sight unseen. that is very irresponsible. Would you sell something you owned without seeing what you are really giving up? that is what’s happening here. it is a land grab by UWM, when they have many other options for their construction. it is not a power grab by MR.Weishan. complaints about months of negotiations? that is what the supervisors a paid to-it’s their job to do a good job, no matter how long it takes. I believe this was hasty, and poorly planned. they should get back to the drawing board with this. My future votes will reflect my displeasure with those who supported this sale so recklessly.

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