Milwaukee County exec candidates vow to tackle fiscal woes – JSOnline

Milwaukee County exec candidates vow to tackle fiscal woes – JSOnline.

As the race for Milwaukee County Exec heats up it’s important to note who’s side each candidate is on.

Lee Holloway’s positions are clearly known as he’s been leading the pro-tax County Board ever since he survived the pension scandal. I do applaud him for trying to think outside the box with his suggestions of selling county services to the smaller suburban municipalities. If he didn’t have so much baggage ideas like that may have given him an edge but alas, he is Lee Holloway.

Jim Sullivan seems to be channeling the seething Walker hatred of John Weishan. Does he honestly think that bashing the beloved ex-Exec and current Governor will win him this race? There’s no doubt that he’s got more loyalty to the public unions than to the taxpayers. Oh, and then there’s the fact that he’s a proven loser. He was trounced in his reelection bid for the state senate by Republican Leah Vukmir.

Chris Abele is trying to come into this race as the “great unknown”, but he’s got ties to liberal interests all over the place. To make matters worse he’s trying to distance himself from the one interesting thing he had going for himself, that little “blow up county government” thing. While it may have been poor wording the idea of handing off county services to eliminate duplication is a wonderful idea, too bad he’s ditching it as he tries to win favor with liberal special interest groups. Even with all this though he’d probably make a better exec than either of the previous two.

Ieshuh Griffin is a joke. Enough said.

Jeff Stone is the only candidate in the race trying to carry on the mantle of Scott Walker. He’s promising to hold the line on taxes, just as Walker did for the past 8 years. If he holds up that promise that alone would be enough to make him the best candidate for the job. He does have to prove himself however and I’ll be looking hard for some concrete ideas to cut spending and trim the fat that still exists in the county. We all know that if he wins he won’t have it easy, just as Scott Walker had to fight tooth and nail with the county board, so would Stone if he wins.


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8 Responses to “Milwaukee County exec candidates vow to tackle fiscal woes – JSOnline”

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  2. JillScott Says:

    awwww, it’s never a good thing to underestimate women…

  3. Chris Liebenthal Says:

    You would do well to actually do some research before you prove yourself an idiot.

    Weishan is in Abele’s camp.

    Secondly, Abele appears to be still for “blowing up the county.” He’s just using different semantics to veil his true intents and make them seem less radical. BTW, that idea would send your taxes skyrocketing and open the door to many non-elected boards with taxing authorities.

    It really does pay to do your homework.

    • Matt Muelver Says:

      You would do well to actually read what I wrote before you prove yourself an idiot. Oh, wait, you’ve already proven that.

      I didn’t say that Weishan was in Sullivan’s camp, I said Sullivan sounds like Weishan with the pure hatred of Walker that he spews each time he opens his mouth.

      Whether Abele is or isn’t still for “blowing up the county” doesn’t change that he is trying to distance himself from it. I am not endorsing him or his plan. I do think however that a properly planned and executed plan to dismantle/outsource certain county functions would save a good chunk of taxpayer money. Of course anything involving skyrocketing taxes and non-elected boards wouldn’t fit the bill for being properly planned and executed.

      • Chris Liebenthal Says:

        Thanks for making me reread that. Your “beloved” county exec turned governor lost MKE Co 68-32. That’s not beloved.

        Have you done research to see if privatization actually saves money?

        The privatized security at the mental health complex is not costing more than half a million dollars, each year, than if had not been privatized. And they aren’t exactly doing their job now, are they?

        And what about the more recent security at the courthouse story? Do you actually like paying twice for the same service? For a firefighter, your attitude towards the public workers is a bit hypocritical. How would you feel if your job was privatized and you did the same work for less money, but the costs didn’t go down?

        • Matt Muelver Says:

          Walker won his last reelection as Milwaukee County Exec in a landslide victory. That’s what I call beloved. The Gov’s race had different dynamics and as much as you may not like it he won that one too.

          Privatization when done right can indeed save money but just like anything it needs to be monitored and controlled. If the current contractor isn’t doing the job right then they should be replaced with a competitor who will. The contracts should not allow for cost overruns. There is a reason that private businesses hire things like janitorial service and security out to other firms. If the results that government gets are different then the problem is not with the idea its with the implementation and management (or rather, mismanagement).

          My views on public safety have never changed. There is an enormous difference between a janitor and someone who puts their own life in harms way every day to save you and your loved ones from harm, death and property loss. Public safety is one of the few areas where government spending, in moderation, can be justified. It would be hypocritical if I changed my views on this simply because I changed professions. I am not now, have never been, and never will be a union shill.

          • Chris Liebenthal Says:

            In 2008, Walker earned had 30,000 less than his 2004 election. In two years, that dropped like a rock. Those are facts. Even as governor, he already is only scoring 7 points higher than the hated Doyle, with 49% of the state wishing for a do-over.

            And as for your latter argument, there are many examples across the country of privatized fire departments, especially in the rural areas. Nope, your still a gubbmint worker, whether you want to admit it or not, so my question is still valid. Do you want to change your answer, or just be hypocritical?

            • Matt Muelver Says:

              I don’t need to change my answer. You are apparently incapable of understanding reason and logic through the heavily tinted panes of the very narrow window that you see the world through. If there were a proposal to privatize a sector of the government that would both increase performance and decrease cost I would be all for it without regard to my personal situation. This is something that quite obviously you will never comprehend as I’ve explained this already. From what I can tell the political drive of a liberal/progressive/democrat is focused primarily on personal gain: How will this candidate’s position benefit ME? How will this bill affect ME? How much money will there be for ME in this policy? All very self-serving. You attack anyone who doesn’t share the same world-view with accusations of hypocrisy, stupidity, idiocy. I’m done with such petty, immature antics. If you wish to continue to participate in my blog you’ll be more civil. You’ll back up your arguments with real facts, real numbers and you’ll cite your sources. Until such time as you’re willing to do so I bid you good day.

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