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Egypt and Wisconsin

February 19, 2011

It’s been suggested that there are parallels between what has been going on in Egypt recently and what is currently going on in Wisconsin. We must not forget that these are vastly different situations. In WI we aren’t discussing rights, rather the issue is over a very modest request for individuals to pull a small part of their own weight and also to give those workers the freedom to work as independent employees rather than continuing to be forced into union membership with dues forcefully withheld from their pay. At the moment we have no discussion at all mostly because the Dems have fled like cowards, halting any debate in the state senate at all.

In Egypt they were ruled by a dictator. They’ve managed to get him out only to replace him with a military dictator and unfortunately it looks like they’re headed for a caliphate. Lets hope that they instead move toward democracy but thats just not too likely, is it?

We have a true representative republic here, where democratic elections have consequences. Stimulus and Obamacare were rammed through on the federal level two years ago in spite of the massive public outcry against them. Only a few years ago Doyle and the Democrat controlled state legislature forced through a budget repair bill in under 24 hours that raised taxes by a billion dollars! It is the movement that rose up as a result of those events which has turned the tides completely. Now that the other side is playing the same game the libs and unionists are crying foul and stomping their feet. We weren’t listened to two years ago, why should we listen to you now?

The people of this state yearn to be set free. Set free from oppressive taxation. Set free from forced unionization. Set free from the thuggery that has shut down our schools this past week. The voters have spoken and I believe their will is going to be enacted whether the unionists agree to it or not.


MPS Teachers Who Abandoned Their Students Should Be Fired

February 19, 2011

So MPS had to close today, shut down completely and have all the students stay home. Must have been a blizzard? Nope. So many radical unionist teachers called in “sick” and then drove straight to Madison that the district was too short staffed to operate.

This is outrageous! Just who do these teachers think they are? While they are trying to label their actions as justified they are actually tantamount to an illegal labor strike! The names of each teacher who called in sick today should be published for the public to see and they should all be fired!

Word is coming from Madison that their schools may not be back in session until Tuesday. If MPS teachers try to pull this stunt again they’ll have a full parent led revolt on their hands. It’s one thing to have kids stay home for the weather, none of us can control that, but when the teachers launch an assault on our Children’s education we won’t stand for it.

I can’t wait for Gov. Walker to get the ball rolling towards permanently breaking up MPS. When that happens each and every employee of the district should be required to reapply for their jobs if they want to continue to work in this city and this type of behavior should be explicitly forbidden. If you call in sick you’d better be at home or you should face termination! Try pulling this kind of stunt anywhere else and you won’t get far, it’s time teachers are held to the same standard.

WI Senate Dems & the Budget Repair Bill

February 18, 2011

The state senate democrats have left the building! These are politicians who see the writing on the wall and, realizing that they can’t change the inevitable, have run away and hid themselves instead of standing by their duty to represent their constituents on the floor of the state senate. They should be ashamed of themselves.

This bill is not the assault on the working class that unionists have drummed it up to be. It puts reasonable policies in place to help deal with the $3.6B deficit that Doyle left us with (and that even after he raised taxes by $2B). What’s more the bill only affects state and municipal unions, not teachers unions or even unions such as 215 which represent public safety workers.

Democrats in Wisconsin now know what conservatives nationwide have been feeling for the first half of the Obama administration. Here’s the thing though, elections have consequences. We lost big in ’08 but we won big in ’10. The state of Wisconsin had been run by a corrupt and inept administration for 8 years under Doyle. He punted this problem repeatedly, stealing from the transportation fund, plugging with stimulus and continuously raising taxes. None of it actually taking on the structural deficit.

Walker ran a transparent campaign and anyone paying attention knew this was coming. Maybe some outstate libs didn’t really know he meant what he said but here in Milwaukee we’ve gotten to know very well that when Scott Walker makes a promise he follows through with it. He will balance the state budget and he will not raise taxes. This is only the beginning and let’s be real here, it’s not even that big of a deal. 12.6% of your health insurance premiums? On balance that’s a great deal! Half of your pension contribution? Most Americans have no pension at all and are fully funding their own retirements!

The union leaders are scared out of their minds not because of what this means for the individual workers but because of what it does to the union as an entity and therefore what it does to their own personal cash cow. When workers have the choice to join the union or not and when the union dues are no longer forcefully removed from their paychecks union membership will drop precipitously and the union fat cats will be forced to find gainful employment instead of leeching off of the labor of others.

The power has finally been taken back by the people of Wisconsin, the ones who have to pay the bill. Who after working to pay 100% of their own health care costs and 100% of their own retirement costs have had to work even more to do the same for all of the public employees in this state. Scott Walker is standing up for them, he’s standing up for us. Thank God for Scott Walker!

Congratulations to Jeff Stone! Now on to the general!

February 17, 2011

Just a quick post to congratulate Jeff Stone on his win in the primary for the Milwaukee County Executive’s race. Let’s keep the momentum going for the general election in April!

Vote Today!

February 15, 2011

Don’t forget to go out and vote! Today is a very important day for two big elections, one on the state level and one in Milwaukee County. There’s also a county circuit court seat on the ballot in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is running for reelection and he needs your vote today! The liberals want to take control of the court so that they can prevent Gov. Scott Walker from fixing the state and they’ve put up two ultra-liberal candidates in an attempt to bump Prosser out in the primary. Please make sure you vote for Justice Prosser! Interestingly, even the Journal/Sentinel endorses him:

Of course there’s also the primary for Milwaukee County Exec. There’s only one candidate interested in carrying on the mantle of Scott Walker and that’s Jeff Stone. He needs your vote today!

There is also a seat on the Milwaukee Circuit Court that is on the ballot. Pedro Colon is the incumbent, having been appointed by Jim Doyle a while back. He has two challengers, Roy Korte and Chris Lipscomb. (Profiles from Either of the challengers will make a better judge than Colon. Lipscomb has experience in the Glendale municipal court and Korte has an impressive list of endorsements from law enforcement and judicial organizations and individuals. I’ll be voting for Korte but as long as you vote against Colon I’ll be happy!

Wisconsin AG Declares Obamacare ‘Dead’ – By Brian Bolduc – The Corner – National Review Online

February 3, 2011

Wisconsin AG Declares Obamacare ‘Dead’ – By Brian Bolduc – The Corner – National Review Online.


It’s nice to see Van Hollen standing up for us. This is a big win for freedom.