MPS Teachers Who Abandoned Their Students Should Be Fired

So MPS had to close today, shut down completely and have all the students stay home. Must have been a blizzard? Nope. So many radical unionist teachers called in “sick” and then drove straight to Madison that the district was too short staffed to operate.

This is outrageous! Just who do these teachers think they are? While they are trying to label their actions as justified they are actually tantamount to an illegal labor strike! The names of each teacher who called in sick today should be published for the public to see and they should all be fired!

Word is coming from Madison that their schools may not be back in session until Tuesday. If MPS teachers try to pull this stunt again they’ll have a full parent led revolt on their hands. It’s one thing to have kids stay home for the weather, none of us can control that, but when the teachers launch an assault on our Children’s education we won’t stand for it.

I can’t wait for Gov. Walker to get the ball rolling towards permanently breaking up MPS. When that happens each and every employee of the district should be required to reapply for their jobs if they want to continue to work in this city and this type of behavior should be explicitly forbidden. If you call in sick you’d better be at home or you should face termination! Try pulling this kind of stunt anywhere else and you won’t get far, it’s time teachers are held to the same standard.



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