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Finally, Some Movement in Madison

March 10, 2011

Finally, after weeks of stall tactics by the union shills, er, Democrat Senators, on Wednesday we saw positive movement on the budget repair bill. The Senate moved the bill through with changes into a conference committee, which is required when the two parts of the legislature pass different versions of the same bill. They approved changes in the committee that strip out all fiscal parts of the budget repair bill, removing the requirement for a 3/5ths majority in order to have a quorum. This allowed them to vote on the Senate floor on the bill with the members who were present. This sets up the bill for final passage tomorrow morning in the State Assembly.

A lot of shouting was done by libs and unionist radicals that these procedural moves were “unlawful”. If you think that what happened in the State Senate today was “illegal” then you need to read up a bit more on the rules. The meetings and votes taken today were not unlawful or against the legislative rules. See for the specific citation.

The unlawful “cheap dirty trick, just to get their way” was when the Dems fled the state to subvert the democratic process as it was unfolding in Madison. They hijacked our state government for nearly a month.

Unlike what the crazed protestors are shouting the passing of this will actually not directly lead to anyone losing their jobs. The failure to pass the fiscal parts of the bill will do that however. It is the Democrats who have doomed about 1,500 state workers to receive pink slips. Hopefully they will now return and will allow the necessary fiscal portions to be passed so that those jobs can be saved.

In the end there will however be jobs lost in the public sector, as well there should be. Our government is bloated and too costly. Walker was elected because he promised to fix that, and to do so without raising taxes. There’s no way for him to fulfill both promises without cuts. The beauty of his plan is that it allows more people to keep their jobs despite the cuts. Without the changes to collective bargaining thousands more would have to be laid off in order to meet the cuts that must be made at both the state and local levels.

The threats that education will suffer prove that teachers care more about their own pay than about teaching our children. I’ve looked up the compensation of my childrens’ teachers, they all make over $100k working for MPS. Two of them make almost $120k! That’s at least three times the state average income for a job that has lavish perks in addition to the monetary compensation. Surely these people can afford to chip in a minimal amount for their health care and retirement, just like the rest of us have to.

These changes will indeed spread. They’ll spread across the nation and they’ll spread to all corners of the public sector. As well they should! As a firefighter myself I see the high level of compensation and minimal employee contribution to benefits that more senior members of the department are afforded and it bewilders me. I would gladly welcome the chance to contribute more to my own retirement and health care costs because I know how much good that would do for all of the rest of the taxpayers in this city and in this state. I would also welcome the freedom to decide for myself if union membership is the best thing for me, currently I am not given a choice. I’m forced into the union and the union’s dues are forcibly removed from my pay before I even see a dime of it.

What so many who are opposing these changes need to understand is that private unions and public unions are very different beasts. As has been shown over the past three weeks, the public unions have the Democrats in their back pocket. AFSCME says “run away” and the Dems say “for how long?” When the union comes to the bargaining table and on the other side is a public official who owes their election to that same union do you really think that there is anyone there looking out for the people paying the bills? The answer is NO! When a private union goes to the bargaining table they sit across from a business owner or a member of management, they are bargaining with the people who pay the bills. Public unions “bargain” with their own handpicked buddies and they collude to stick it to the taxpayers. This has been going on since WI first began allowing public unions about 50 years ago and it has led us to this point, where so many public employees have lavish and exorbitant compensation packages that are simply not sustainable.

What I find funny is that such a big deal has been made of this budget repair bill when it is really a very minor, moderate piece of legislation. The real changes are in the next biannual budget. That’s where the $3.6B hole is, that’s where there will be enormous cuts. We’ve seen outrageous, rude, disgraceful and even violent and illegal protest to this bill. What more are the Dems going to do when the big shoe drops?


Egypt and Wisconsin

February 19, 2011

It’s been suggested that there are parallels between what has been going on in Egypt recently and what is currently going on in Wisconsin. We must not forget that these are vastly different situations. In WI we aren’t discussing rights, rather the issue is over a very modest request for individuals to pull a small part of their own weight and also to give those workers the freedom to work as independent employees rather than continuing to be forced into union membership with dues forcefully withheld from their pay. At the moment we have no discussion at all mostly because the Dems have fled like cowards, halting any debate in the state senate at all.

In Egypt they were ruled by a dictator. They’ve managed to get him out only to replace him with a military dictator and unfortunately it looks like they’re headed for a caliphate. Lets hope that they instead move toward democracy but thats just not too likely, is it?

We have a true representative republic here, where democratic elections have consequences. Stimulus and Obamacare were rammed through on the federal level two years ago in spite of the massive public outcry against them. Only a few years ago Doyle and the Democrat controlled state legislature forced through a budget repair bill in under 24 hours that raised taxes by a billion dollars! It is the movement that rose up as a result of those events which has turned the tides completely. Now that the other side is playing the same game the libs and unionists are crying foul and stomping their feet. We weren’t listened to two years ago, why should we listen to you now?

The people of this state yearn to be set free. Set free from oppressive taxation. Set free from forced unionization. Set free from the thuggery that has shut down our schools this past week. The voters have spoken and I believe their will is going to be enacted whether the unionists agree to it or not.

MPS Teachers Who Abandoned Their Students Should Be Fired

February 19, 2011

So MPS had to close today, shut down completely and have all the students stay home. Must have been a blizzard? Nope. So many radical unionist teachers called in “sick” and then drove straight to Madison that the district was too short staffed to operate.

This is outrageous! Just who do these teachers think they are? While they are trying to label their actions as justified they are actually tantamount to an illegal labor strike! The names of each teacher who called in sick today should be published for the public to see and they should all be fired!

Word is coming from Madison that their schools may not be back in session until Tuesday. If MPS teachers try to pull this stunt again they’ll have a full parent led revolt on their hands. It’s one thing to have kids stay home for the weather, none of us can control that, but when the teachers launch an assault on our Children’s education we won’t stand for it.

I can’t wait for Gov. Walker to get the ball rolling towards permanently breaking up MPS. When that happens each and every employee of the district should be required to reapply for their jobs if they want to continue to work in this city and this type of behavior should be explicitly forbidden. If you call in sick you’d better be at home or you should face termination! Try pulling this kind of stunt anywhere else and you won’t get far, it’s time teachers are held to the same standard.

Scott Walker: Why I’m Not Lining Up for Stimulus Handouts –

February 28, 2009

Scott Walker: Why I’m Not Lining Up for Stimulus Handouts –

Scott Walker once again makes the case against the “stimulus” and does so with such common sense that I don’t see how anyone can honestly disagree with him. President Obama has signed a mortgage on our future and is wasting the loan proceeds on pet projects, only a few percent of the total is going for things that will actually improve the economy.

As someone who’s learned the hard way that a balanced budget is a necessity, not a luxury, I appreciate Scott’s steadfast stance against government waste. My entire life I’ve heard doom-and-gloom about the federal deficit and the national debt and now, at the time that we can least afford it, we have thrown all of our caution to the wind and are increasing both at record pace.

There is no difference more stark than that between Scott Walker and the likes of Obama and Doyle.

Scott Walker on UPFRONT with Mike Gousha

February 23, 2009

Click here to see the video.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker once again lays out the reasons behind his economic stimulus proposals. Tax cuts stimulate the economy by putting money into the hands of consumers and businesses while increasing taxes does the exact opposite.

I applaud Walker for sticking to his guns on this issue. He said before the “stimulus” bill was passed that we don’t need federal stimulus money, we need tax cuts. Now that it has passed he’s proposing that the money coming our way be used not to prop up failed government programs but that it instead be used in a way that really will stimulate the economy, tax cuts.

Walker Wants County, State Sales Taxes Suspended -via Today’s TMJ4

February 16, 2009

Walker Wants County, State Sales Taxes Suspended | Today’s TMJ4.

Standing in stark contrast to Gov. Doyle’s desire to raise taxes to fill the gaping hole he’s helped create in the state budget is Scott Walker’s desire to promote real economic growth here in Milwaukee and throughout the state. The proposal to suspend the sales tax, both at the county and state level, would pump tens of millions of dollars through the economy that would otherwise be lost into the fiscal black hole of the government. Tax increases failed to prevent the budgetary problems we’re faced with now so we have no reason to believe that they’ll do anything at all to fix them. It’s time to change our strategy and try something new, something that actually stands a chance of success.

Don’t use stimulus to build in swell budgets – JSOnline

January 19, 2009

Don’t use stimulus to build in swell budgets – JSOnline.

If you’re looking for some common sense applied to the question of a federal bailout for state and local governments then this piece by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker should certainly satisfy you.

Milwaukee County Budget Hearings Coming

September 3, 2008

County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs, the chair of the County Board’s Finance and Audit committee, has announced three public hearings on the county’s budget.

The meetings will be held from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the following locations and dates:

  1. September 10th at the Franklin City Hall, 9229 W. Loomis Rd.
  2. September 16th at Kosciuszko Community Center, 2201 St. Seventh St.
  3. September 18th at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 1531 W. Vliet St.

I’m planning to attend the first meeting as it is the closest to my home. I encourage everyone to attend if you can and express your feelings about the county’s budget!

UPDATE: Fourth Hearing Added

A fourth county budget hearing has been added to the schedule. It will be at the Granville Senior Center located at 7717 W. Good Hope Rd. on September 17th from 6-7:30pm.