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Restructuring the Conservative Message – Not The Movement

March 14, 2009

I was recently given a link to an article at written by David Frum, it was a good read and I agree with much of what the author had to say. There’s a lot of “Rush-hate” going on right now and it’s been drummed up by the Obama White House, which is where the notion of Rush as the “de-facto head” of the Republican party started. Rush is not our leader, he is a member of our movement. One of the most influential for sure but I would argue that we presently have no single clearly defined leader. The conservative movement now more than ever is being led by the base. At the same time the media is trying to steer us by their coverage and they are distorting our message in the way that they report. This is entirely on purpose from my perspective, the liberal bias in the media has never been as blatant as it is today.

I wholeheartedly agree with both Rush and Frum that what we (conservatives) need to do is to regain our footing through intellectual honesty, creative problem solving and appeal to common sense through the foundations of conservative thought. To do that we need to understand the opposition, we need to understand what voters see in the promises of liberal candidates (however false they may be). Once we understand that we can properly formulate our message. That message must address the concerns of the people without sacrificing our core principles.

We’ve got many great conservative thinkers who are trying to do just that. Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America ( is a good example of this. He’s come up with a way to deal with the tax system, health care and entitlements all at the same time.

As a conservative activist and candidate it is my goal to help formulate this new message. Among its tenets will be the founding principles of conservatism: freedom, fiscal responsibility, limited government and personal responsibility. Through those principles we need to show the voters how today’s problems can be solved.

On health care for example: The rising cost of health care will not be solved by socializing the system, that will only make it worse as bureaucracy piles on top of bureaucracy. We can address the problem of cost in health care by passing tort reform to protect doctors and medical professionals from frivolous lawsuits and exorbitant judgments, by opening up competition in the market for insurance and for care and by educating the public on wellness and prevention. We must also address the cost of bringing new treatments and pharmaceuticals to market while maintaining public safety.

I am optimistic about the future of the conservative movement and where conservative success can take our country. I believe that the imminent failures of liberal governance will open the eyes of many who thought they were voting for hope and change when what we’ve wound up with is more of the big government status quo.