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Milwaukee County exec candidates vow to tackle fiscal woes – JSOnline

January 22, 2011

Milwaukee County exec candidates vow to tackle fiscal woes – JSOnline.

As the race for Milwaukee County Exec heats up it’s important to note who’s side each candidate is on.

Lee Holloway’s positions are clearly known as he’s been leading the pro-tax County Board ever since he survived the pension scandal. I do applaud him for trying to think outside the box with his suggestions of selling county services to the smaller suburban municipalities. If he didn’t have so much baggage ideas like that may have given him an edge but alas, he is Lee Holloway.

Jim Sullivan seems to be channeling the seething Walker hatred of John Weishan. Does he honestly think that bashing the beloved ex-Exec and current Governor will win him this race? There’s no doubt that he’s got more loyalty to the public unions than to the taxpayers. Oh, and then there’s the fact that he’s a proven loser. He was trounced in his reelection bid for the state senate by Republican Leah Vukmir.

Chris Abele is trying to come into this race as the “great unknown”, but he’s got ties to liberal interests all over the place. To make matters worse he’s trying to distance himself from the one interesting thing he had going for himself, that little “blow up county government” thing. While it may have been poor wording the idea of handing off county services to eliminate duplication is a wonderful idea, too bad he’s ditching it as he tries to win favor with liberal special interest groups. Even with all this though he’d probably make a better exec than either of the previous two.

Ieshuh Griffin is a joke. Enough said.

Jeff Stone is the only candidate in the race trying to carry on the mantle of Scott Walker. He’s promising to hold the line on taxes, just as Walker did for the past 8 years. If he holds up that promise that alone would be enough to make him the best candidate for the job. He does have to prove himself however and I’ll be looking hard for some concrete ideas to cut spending and trim the fat that still exists in the county. We all know that if he wins he won’t have it easy, just as Scott Walker had to fight tooth and nail with the county board, so would Stone if he wins.


State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1 – JSOnline

February 21, 2009

State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1 – JSOnline.

Isn’t it convenient how the Journal/Sentinel waited until after this tax bill was signed to report on the new online sales tax? Doyle and the majority of the Democrats in the state legislature are ramming new taxes down our throats left and right and the local media is certainly not our friend in the fight to stop them.

McIlheran hits it with “County must try to shed labor costs”

October 24, 2008

Journal/Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran has hit a home run with his recent column: County must try to shed labor costs. He cites a recent report by the Public Policy Forum that reveals that even if Milwaukee County taxpayers were subjected to the maximum property tax levy increases year after year the county would still find itself falling deeper into the hole as a result of the rising costs of the benefits required by union contracts (primarily pension and health care).

Of his many excellent points (many of which I’ve argued myself in the past) the one that boils it down is this:

Is the county’s purpose to be a good provider of well-compensated jobs, or is it mainly about providing public services at rates taxpayers can afford?

County Executive Scott Walker is trying to move us in a direction that can bring the county back into balance but the county board, as always, is obstructing with their lack of vision and blind devotion to the unions. Their preferred solution is to increase taxes and hope that things work out. What we need is leadership from the county board to throw off the shackles of rising personnel costs.

J/S Editorial Board Agrees with Me on Merging Justice Facilities

August 28, 2008

So, imagine my surprise when the libs at the Journal/Sentinel editorial board published their opinion on the proposed consolidation of facilities for Milwaukee County’s justice operations and they came out agreeing with me. Really. True story.

Read it for yourself! JS Online Editorial: Merging justice ahead?