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County Board rejects pay cut, move to part time – JSOnline

September 29, 2011

County Board rejects pay cut, move to part time – JSOnline.

No surprises here. The self-absorbed members of the Milwaukee County Board categorically rejected the common sense proposal to right-size their legislative body. This proposal has been around for quite some time, in fact it was one of the things I ran my campaign on back in ’08. The liberals of this board will never vote to cut their own pay because they have become addicted to the public trough. Do-nothings like “Little Boy” Weishan realize that they have no marketable skills and they have grown too dependent on their lavish taxpayer funded lifestyles to do the right thing.


Walker Slammed By Weishan For Trying To Fix Pension

March 11, 2009

County Supervisor John F. Weishan, Jr. wrote an op-ed that appeared on a blog at this morning. In it he slams County Executive Scott Walker for attempting to find a solution to the county’s pension troubles.

Walker’s pension bonding plan is too risky – John F. Weishan, Jr. @ BizTimes.

Weishan promises to vote against Walker’s attempt to help fix the pension problems while offering no real solution of his own. He even states his opinion that ordinarily plans like Walker’s are sound solutions to problems like this but he just doesn’t like the long-term outlook right now. Sounds like a petty political grudge is keeping him from supporting a plan he would normally be in favor of.

Weishan’s hypocrisy is that he voted for the pension!!! Does he think we’ve forgotten? He bears the blame for getting us into this mess in the first place and instead of coming up with solutions to help fix his mistake he attacks every attempt by the County Executive to do so. If Weishan truly wants to fix the pension that he broke why hasn’t he put any effort into it over the past 8 years? Scott Walker has tried repeatedly to come up with solutions and he has been faced with opposition from the County Board and Supervisor Weishan every step of the way.

Supervisor Weishan, it’s time to either put up or shut up. If you can’t come up with a plan to fix the pension without raising our taxes then stop trying to sabotage the ideas of those who are working to fix this problem.

Weishan’s power grab threatens to upset months of negotiations between UWM & Milw. County

March 8, 2009

After months of negotiations between Milwaukee County and UWM a deal has finally been reached for the sale of a large parcel of the county grounds. UWM intends to build a $150 million engineering school which will work closely with the nearby county medical complex and serve as a center of biomedical engineering for the region.

The Business Journal has the whole story: UWM, county agree on land price – Site would house engineering school

This development will not only bring a state of the art engineering research facility to Milwaukee County but it’s construction will be a boost to the local economy at a time when such boosts are sorely needed. The agreement that has been reached allows for a flexible sale price depending on what the actual developed square footage eventually turns out to be, the more success that UWM has the more money Milwaukee County gets.

Sounds great, huh? Not if Supervisor Weishan has his way. Weishan is putting up a stink and apparently attempting to stop the County Board from voting on the plan. He’s upset that the county will lose control of the land and that the existing research park may face competition from the new engineering school. See Milwaukee Rising for the details.

While disappointing this behavior is certainly not surprising coming from Weishan. His obstruction of progress and reform in Milwaukee County government is surpassed only by his rigid adherence to the status quo. He’s determined to be a thorn in County Executive Scott Walker’s side and is no doubt feeling threatened by what will be seen as a victory for the county and for UWM in this deal brokered by Walker’s office.

Please contact Supervisor Weishan and express your support for this land sale to UWM. His phone number is 414-278-4222 and his email address is
You should also contact your own Supervisor, if you’re not sure who that is you can look them up here.

Dispute Continues Over Milwaukee Stimulus Money – WISN Milwaukee

January 28, 2009

Dispute Continues Over Milwaukee Stimulus Money – Milwaukee News Story – WISN Milwaukee.

Supervisor Weishan finally chimes in and what does he have to say? Nothing really. He’s predictably in favor of higher taxes. He obviously doesn’t understand what is in the federal stimulus bill and he somehow thinks that its going to lead to, “job creation that’s so desperately needed in the Milwaukee area.”

Please Mr. Weishan explain to us exactly how the federal government giving money to the county government is going to create jobs for Milwaukee. That money will undoubtedly come with strings attached, strings that will require local taxes to go up or cuts to be made in other areas. We all know you aren’t going to be in favor of cutting anything in the bloated county budget so that leaves you with your favorite option… Time to raise the taxes!

What we need are real jobs in Milwaukee. Real jobs from real employers with real budgets. What we certainly don’t need are more government jobs for government employees who will receive bloated government benefits, excessive government pensions and guaranteed job security all at the taxpayer’s expense. The way to get those real jobs is to give a tax cut to the people who pay taxes.

Letting taxpayers keep more of their money is what will stimulate the economy. Letting business owners keep more of their money will let them expand their business, spend more on advertising or on whatever they feel will best suit their needs. An immediate cut in payroll taxes will relieve stressed family budgets nationwide which will create a ripple effect through the entire economy.

Funneling money through Wasington D.C. won’t lead to any lasting economic stimulus. Increasing our national debt by the biggest lump sum in history certainly won’t create any economic stimulus and it will act as an anchor on our economic growth for decades to come.

War of Words Over Inauguration Trip | Today’s TMJ4

January 28, 2009

War of Words Over Inauguration Trip | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee.

It looks like Lee Holloway’s got his undies in a bunch. He’s blaming Scott Walker for the “leak” of the Coggs/Clark inaugeration trip, accusing Walker of trying to take the media’s attention off of his position on the federal “stimulus” package.

Holloway just doesn’t understand.

Walker doesn’t want to take attention off of his position on what makes up real stimulus, this issue is going to be a big winner for him but tax-and-spend types like Holloway can’t comprehend that.

This story about Coggs and Clark was going to come out one way or another. I have no idea if Walker tipped off the media or not but if he did, so what? What Supervisors Coggs and Clark did was an abuse of power and an example of corruption in public office. Since when is exposing such behavior the wrong thing to do?

Oh, that’s right, when it also throws egg on Holloway’s face. He is the one who signed off on their little trip.

Meanwhile Supervisor Borkowski is trying to play referee, defending Coggs and Clark because they’ve apologized. Grow a spine Borkowski, playing peacemaker may win you some brownie points with Holloway and his cronies but you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Now that they’ve been caught they’re trying desperately to hold onto their jobs by asking forgiveness and paying the money back. The only problem is that restitution doesn’t undo the breach of trust. They betrayed the taxpayers of Milwaukee County and they should face the consequences. Repaying the costs of the trip is the least that they should be doing. If it were my Supervisor who’d pulled such a stunt there’d be recall efforts underway at this very moment.

Speaking of my Supervisor, where is Weishan? He’s been deathly silent for weeks, including on this latest flap from the County Board. Oh wait, he likes to fly under the radar doesn’t he? As most of the rest of the board does as well. That lets them get away with their plans to stick it to the taxpayer all the easier.

Walker on Supervisor Trip for Inauguration: “Mind Boggling” | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather, Sports, WTMJ | Local News

January 23, 2009

Walker on Supervisor Trip for Inauguration: “Mind Boggling” | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather, Sports, WTMJ | Local News.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s take on this is right on the money. Pardon the pun. The taxpayers of Milwaukee County are not in a position to be paying for these types of trips, especially during a major event such as the inauguration when prices are inflated due to high demand.

If Supervisors Clark and Coggs wanted to be in D.C. for the inauguration then they should have taken personal trips and paid their own way. They’ve used taxpayer money for their personal enjoyment. This type of misconduct in office should not be tolerated, I hope their constituents remember this in the next election.

Vote NO on Nov. 4th! Don’t be fooled!

November 3, 2008

Milwaukee County voters on Tuesday, Nov. 4th, will vote on this non-binding referendum:

“Shall the State of Wisconsin grant Milwaukee County the authority to provide property tax relief of at least sixty-seven million dollars ($67 million) by levying a one percent county use and sales tax to be used to remove the following three items from the property tax levy: parks, recreation and culture; transit; and emergency medical services (EMS)?”

I’ve created a Facebook Group to try to rally people together here in Milwaukee County against the County Board’s sales tax increase plan.

Click here to go to the Facebook Group: Vote NO on Nov. 4th – Don’t be fooled!

The Milwaukee County Board has placed a very misleading referendum question on the ballot for this Nov. 4th. They want to TRIPLE the county’s sales tax from .5% to 1.5%. This increase will amount to an additional $130 million of sales tax on goods and services sold in Milwaukee County each year (by the county’s estimates).

The referendum question implies that we will see property tax relief from this sales tax increase. Notice however that they state right in the question that they’re only planning on a property tax levy reduction of half of the amount of the new sales tax. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that we will see ANY property tax reduction at all as the County Board can always change their mind at any time.

The current .5% county sales tax was passed in 1991 with a similar promise of property tax relief but from 1992 to 2007 the property tax levy was increased by almost 71%! That’s more than $100 million per year in additional property taxes. What happened to the relief we were promised in the 90’s? There’s no reason not to expect the same thing to happen again if the County Board gets their way this time.

Vote NO on the Milwaukee County Sales Tax Referendum!

McIlheran hits it with “County must try to shed labor costs”

October 24, 2008

Journal/Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran has hit a home run with his recent column: County must try to shed labor costs. He cites a recent report by the Public Policy Forum that reveals that even if Milwaukee County taxpayers were subjected to the maximum property tax levy increases year after year the county would still find itself falling deeper into the hole as a result of the rising costs of the benefits required by union contracts (primarily pension and health care).

Of his many excellent points (many of which I’ve argued myself in the past) the one that boils it down is this:

Is the county’s purpose to be a good provider of well-compensated jobs, or is it mainly about providing public services at rates taxpayers can afford?

County Executive Scott Walker is trying to move us in a direction that can bring the county back into balance but the county board, as always, is obstructing with their lack of vision and blind devotion to the unions. Their preferred solution is to increase taxes and hope that things work out. What we need is leadership from the county board to throw off the shackles of rising personnel costs.

The Right View WI – Milwaukee County Board Meets in “Secret” – Overrides Veto of Sales Tax Ref.

September 4, 2008

I just posted a piece on The Right View WI about the County Board’s vote to override County Executive Walker’s veto of the sales tax referendum. Supervisor Weishan was among those who voted to override.

You can read it here:

Milwaukee County Budget Hearings Coming

September 3, 2008

County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs, the chair of the County Board’s Finance and Audit committee, has announced three public hearings on the county’s budget.

The meetings will be held from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the following locations and dates:

  1. September 10th at the Franklin City Hall, 9229 W. Loomis Rd.
  2. September 16th at Kosciuszko Community Center, 2201 St. Seventh St.
  3. September 18th at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 1531 W. Vliet St.

I’m planning to attend the first meeting as it is the closest to my home. I encourage everyone to attend if you can and express your feelings about the county’s budget!

UPDATE: Fourth Hearing Added

A fourth county budget hearing has been added to the schedule. It will be at the Granville Senior Center located at 7717 W. Good Hope Rd. on September 17th from 6-7:30pm.