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Vote Today!

February 15, 2011

Don’t forget to go out and vote! Today is a very important day for two big elections, one on the state level and one in Milwaukee County. There’s also a county circuit court seat on the ballot in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is running for reelection and he needs your vote today! The liberals want to take control of the court so that they can prevent Gov. Scott Walker from fixing the state and they’ve put up two ultra-liberal candidates in an attempt to bump Prosser out in the primary. Please make sure you vote for Justice Prosser! Interestingly, even the Journal/Sentinel endorses him:

Of course there’s also the primary for Milwaukee County Exec. There’s only one candidate interested in carrying on the mantle of Scott Walker and that’s Jeff Stone. He needs your vote today!

There is also a seat on the Milwaukee Circuit Court that is on the ballot. Pedro Colon is the incumbent, having been appointed by Jim Doyle a while back. He has two challengers, Roy Korte and Chris Lipscomb. (Profiles from Either of the challengers will make a better judge than Colon. Lipscomb has experience in the Glendale municipal court and Korte has an impressive list of endorsements from law enforcement and judicial organizations and individuals. I’ll be voting for Korte but as long as you vote against Colon I’ll be happy!


Wisconsin AG Declares Obamacare ‘Dead’ – By Brian Bolduc – The Corner – National Review Online

February 3, 2011

Wisconsin AG Declares Obamacare ‘Dead’ – By Brian Bolduc – The Corner – National Review Online.


It’s nice to see Van Hollen standing up for us. This is a big win for freedom.

Getting back

January 22, 2011

It’s been quite some time since I posted here. As we start off this new year I find myself looking back and seeing that there are many stories and events that would have been perfect material but I had to let them slip by as more personal matters required my attention.

Looking forward we’ve certainly entered a new time here in Wisconsin and the future of Milwaukee County is in the lurch as we will soon be deciding who our next County Exec will be. I’m hoping and praying that the best candidate wins. I’m here to give my input on who that should be and of course to comment on other topics and issues as well.

Let’s get to it!

Weishan and Holloway are at it again – County Taxes are going up!

November 18, 2009

The Milwaukee County Board is voting on Scott Walker’s budget vetoes today and the pro-tax increase Supervisors, led by Chairman Holloway, have already scored several victories. I don’t have a lot of time to dissect all of what is going on but I would like to comment on John Weishan’s attitude toward his constituents and toward the budget.

I spoke with Weishan before the board passed the budget and asked him to keep the levy to a 0% increase. He rambled on and on about all of the same-old same-old that he likes to bring out during budget times. The fact of the matter is that he is a BIG union supporter and I don’t expect him to ever vote against what is in the best interests of the unions. While this is good news for the unions and their members it is bad news for the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.

Mark Belling interviewed a fellow resident of the 16th District who called Weishan earlier today and had a conversation with him that is, at least in my experience, typical of his attitude towards his constituents. Weishan belittled her, attacked Scott Walker with nearly every sentence and in the end suggested that she take her county pension check and move to Florida. Really Mr. Weishan? You are actually suggesting that if we don’t agree with you and the unions that we should move out? This is NOT the kind of attitude that an elected official should have toward the people who they are supposed to be serving!

As anyone who knows me understands it is my goal to get Weishan out of office and replace him with someone who will actually listen to and care about the taxpayers of the 16th District and Milwaukee County. I’ve received several calls lately asking me if I’m planning to run against Weishan again in 2012 and my answer is YES. While I can’t predict the future and there may be circumstances beyond my control that could prevent me from running it is still my intention to run against him again in 2012 and to WIN. Visit if you’d like to help out in that effort.

Another good McCain ad: Iran

August 28, 2008

Here’s another good McCain ad, this time I found it at Infidels Are Cool